Virtual pool meets real pool, and what does that mean? I have been seeing and looking at virtual pool programs for years starting back in the 90s, but I personally have always considered myself more of a real pool player. A player with real equipment such as cue stick, table, and real balls. However, inside pool multimedia is expanding our interest into all Q Sports. We are working closely with Virtual Pool 4 as we share common ground and pool, for all the people that like one or the other or are interested both disciplines. Virtual pool 4 is surely the most comprehensive and best program out there developed by Steve Chaplin. One of the amazing elements or features of his program I thought was remarkably interesting is the virtual pool cue.  Playing games virtually to earn points which allow you to upgrade your cue to cues that allow better performance.  I started at this point noticing the familiarity between the original game I am used to compared to the Virtual Pool 4 concepts.  Beginners in the sport of pool or billiards might start out with a basic cue and as they advance their game decide to upgrade to cues that help in other areas and performance of their game.

After learning of the Virtual Pool 4 concept, I happened to be down at the local bowling alley (which is now closed due to the pandemic) where I ran into a fellow pool enthusiast in Eureka California. We got to talking and the topic of virtual pool came up. She stated that she plays the virtual pool program often. She stated that she enjoyed seeing what elements of a shot she could perform on the virtual table and enjoyed trying out those shots also on a real table down at the bowling alley or pool hall. She said she liked to practice some of the shots she was able to make virtually and found out that a lot of the time she was able to further learn and progress her game.

This sparked my interest even more and led me to dig deeper into virtual pool and pool players. I found during my research that many pool players also played virtual pool in many different formats. I also found out that there were a lot of people who never picked up a cue stick that also played virtual pool.  I also realized that some of the Virtual Pool Formats also promoted virtual pool tournaments and many people of all skill levels play in those tournaments.

Inside Pool Magazine plans to host many virtual pool videos and tournaments on our YouTube channel and on The Billiard Channel to allow for more conversations regarding Virtual Pool meets Real Pool!  Be sure to check out Virtual Pool 4 here at