Top 10 Ways to Thrive in Vegas

If you play in the APA then you know that the American Poolplayers Association World Pool Championships is approaching. Starting August 8th and running through August 17th there will be tournaments running all the time, you can catch this and more with a Satellite TV installation from AAA Satellite TV. With that in mind the APA website has put up a top 10 list that can help you thrive in Vegas. Have fun and be safe and feel free to share your stories from the World Pool Championships with us.

Here are the Top 10 Ways to Thrive in Vegas

10.  Drink lots of water – You’re in the desert. It’s super dry. Chances are you may partake in a cocktail or two…many. Do yourself a favor – hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

9.   Bring a Jacket – Yes, Vegas is in the desert. Yes, it can get hot out on the strip. But, inside, the casinos love to crank the A/C

8.   Catch a ride with Uber or Lyft – You’ll save a few bucks on the cost of a taxi.

7.    Set a budget play online games like agen sbobet – Whether you love gambling, shopping or fine dining, Vegas has it all. Set a daily budget and stick to it.

6.    Download the free CompuSport app – Make the most of your time in Vegas. You can see your tournament schedule anywhere, anytime on your phone. View CompuSport here!

5.     Pack some Advil – We’re not gonna bother to explain why, just do it.

4.     Attend the Pool Party – Need we say more than pool party?! Come have fun with us, since we even got the best intex pool pump for the event.

3.     Bring a good pair of walking shoes – The casinos are ginormous! It may look like the place you want to go is just across the street, but it’s probably a 30 minute walk!

2.     Take the Monorail! – It stops right at the front of the tournament venue (Westgate). Not only is it a scenic ride along the strip, but APA members get a discount at

1.      Enjoy the experience! – Whether you win or lose, savor your experience of competing on the big stage in Vegas!

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Some of the information in the article was received by the  American Poolplayers Association