Family, Friends, and pool community it is with our sincerest sympathies that we announce the passing of Mr. Ronald Hoffman.  Per his and his family’s wishes, we have not announced this prior to give his family time to mourn his death respectfully! Ron fell ill in September of 2021 and succumbed to his illness.  We ask that everyone honors his and his family’s wishesand that you continue to give his family their privacy during these tough times and through the holidays.

Ron took on Inside Pool Magazine & TV back in 2013. Ron had a vision and a plan. His brilliant mind worked overtime trying to make pool bigger. In his mind pool, billiards, snooker, and artistic pool were all under-publicized and needed a bigger canvas to showcase each discipline.  Ron would often say “How come this sport doesn’t have the following that football or other sports have”?

Ron was an inventor, a creative mind, and an electrician by trade.  From Pool Cases to the Billiard Channel to the creation of the Hot Box that would give those in the construction and Electrical world a way to bend steel pipe without using a lot of physical strength.  Ron was a brilliant mind give him a situation and he would figure out a way or invent a way to make it work!

Ron never wanted to be in the spotlight he was happy to work behind the scenes and help grow Inside Pool Magazine & TV with the help of his team.  On many occasions, Ron would collaborate with his team and when he wrote articles “he’d say just put written by Inside Pool Staff”. Ron was clearly a force to be reckoned with! He had a vision, and it was clear. He wanted the pool industry and community to be bigger than other sports and for this sport to continue to grow and get the recognition it deserved.

Ron was truly loved by all, and he could talk your ear off all day every day and those conversations will forever be missed. He could sit for hours and talk about pool and where his vision saw it in the future, and he wanted dearly to be able to accomplish that.

Moving Forward, Inside Pool Magazine & TV per his wishes would continue to operate and continue to honor his vision! While all of Ron’s Staff mourn his loss! We are gearing up for a busy year and to help promote this game that Ron loved so much! Please note that you might see numerous changes going forward and we will be operating under legal guidance going forward.  Please understand that Ron Hoffmans profile page will remain under his name at this time due to all Inside Pool Magazine’s business pages being linked through that account. Legally owned by Inside Pool. As we are guided through this transition we ask for your patience and understanding going forward.

Ron, you will be forever missed by all of us here at Inside Pool Magazine & TV! The working relationships you had formed with each of us will never be forgotten. You truly were an inspiration to the Pool world and to your staff! We love and miss you, Sir!

Inside Pool Staff!