Strickland out and Double J in !

This just in! Earl Strickland has been pulled from the Mosconi Cup due to possible Covid Exposure. Double J (Jeremy Jones) will be stepping in to replace Earl Strickland. To our knowledge the “Pearl” feels great and has not tested positive for covid. However, the government says he can’t play due to possible exposure.  The exposure is said to have been during his flight to London. 

The new official Mosconi Cup table will be the Rasson Ox featuring 4-inch pockets and grey in color. Per Matchroom team USA will have a red table in their practice room, while team Europe will practice on a blue table which represents each team’s respective team colors. The smaller 4-inch pockets will make for some tougher shots.  Iwan Simonis will be providing the cloth for the event. The cloth will be 860 Simonis in Shark grey. The 860 Simonis Cloth in shark grey will be the exclusive cloth for the Mosconi Cup.  Simonis 860 is great for ball control, speed, and durability.  Fans can also purchase this cloth for their home tables and it comes in various colors if you’re looking to match to your home décor. 

The Mosconi Cup will be held at the Alexandra Palace, London from December 7th -10th

You can also buy your tickets for the 2021 Cazoo Mosconi Cup at Alexandra Palace right here

The 2021 Cazoo Mosconi Cup is partnered by Rasson Billiards and supplies the official table; the cloth is supplied by Iwan Simonis and Aramith is the official Ball Provider. 

Predator is the official cue of the event, Kamui the official Chalk and Tip and Onboard Sportwear provides all Mosconi Cup apparel. Cazoo is the official title sponsor for the 2021 Cazoo Mosconi Cup. 

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