Do you realize that when we aim the cue tip to strike the cue ball, we cannot SEE our stroke hand and the back of our cue? That is because they are behind our line of forward sight? So, we usually try to aim the cue butt by “FEEL”. This is very important to know because the back and the front of the cue must be aligned to execute a straight stroke.

THE PROTRUSION is the first 2–in-1 Training/Playing cue. As a training cue, it will help you to develop your proper straight stroking muscle memory. And, as a playing cue, it will heighten your stroking instincts while focusing on your game strategy. As soon as you grip THE PROTRUSION, the protrusive feature stimulates where it touches your HAND and/or FINGERS. And as a result, you will “better feel” how your cue is moving. It is not enough to be able to aim and align straight consistently! You need to be able to stroke straight, too! And, having a consistent “Straight Stroke” will undoubtedly help you win more games.

– Member Cue Level Grade Canadian Maple Shaft

– Both A and B Models have Lepro tips – 12.5 mm

– White plastic ferrule

– 5/16 *18 joint

– Black plastic middle ring with one silver ring

– Black plastic cap

– Black plastic ring with one silver ring on the shaft

– Weight adjustable 19-19.5 oz.