Predator Pro Am Tour Comes To A Close do to COVID-19

Per a Facebook announcement in the last few hours posted by Tony Robles and Gail Robles, we learned that the Predator Pro Am Tour is coming to an end. For the past 12 plus years Tony and Gail along with countless others went over and beyond to bring a top-notch tour to New York, and surrounding areas. The start of the season also looked promising as the beginning of the tour kicked off. Then without real warning a pandemic hit. Which brings us to where we are now.

The Predator Pro Am Tour saw many players from all over come out to support this tournament. The table action was always fierce and competitive. They saw a lot of people step up to the table and for some it was a moment out of their comfort zone playing in such a well-respected tour that brought many great players from miles around.  The tournament was like a reunion for many. People who traveled to these tournaments were getting to see old friends and making new friends along the way.  Every stop seemed to bring a great deal of people and it was not just players. People would come out just to watch the action, enjoy conversation, see the big names in pool, and the fun that these tournaments embodied overall. There really is not a way to express in words the love and support the fans have for the tournament, Tony & Gail, Predator, and the countless sponsors and folks working hard to make the tournament what it was. Their dedication to this sport has been gracious, straight forward, and a force within the billiard community, a leader in tours for others to model after. Not to mention all the love and respect Tony & Gail and those behind the scenes have for all the players, fans, and spectators they have met throughout the years.  The Predator Tour was more than just billiards, winners, and losers; they were the Predator Tour Family!

Their decision to end the tour came with heavy hearts, lots of conversations, and serious soul searching.  With the world at odds over Covid-19 pool halls being closed and no one having any definitive idea when things would get back to what some of us would think of as normal. They felt that it could be years before we saw a normal or a new normal.  Covid-19 pandemic has seen many businesses close with no plans to reopen, Others are hanging on with a little bit of hope and faith that things will get back to normal soon. However, with no clear end in sight, Tony & Gail and those they work close with decided that they could not continue. This of course filled not only them and those they worked with closely on the tour, but the billiard community full of sadness. We do know that the tour will be talked about for decades to come and the powerhouse couple Tony and Gail and those who worked behind the scenes to see the Predator Pro Am tour come together in years past.

Tony & Gail offered many thanks to the pool rooms current and past, and sponsors, supporters. You can read that here. Most of their pool rooms have been with them for over a decade. They also included media outlets and everyone who helped behind the scenes to make this tournament what it was. They wished luck to some of the other tours as well. They also thanked Predator for their trust in them and their continued support throughout the years. Their sentiments were heartfelt and brought tears to many.

We haven’t been able get in contact with Tony when this article was written.  We are looking forward to hearing more from Tony & Gail  on this issue.

Inside Pool Magazine and staff would like to wish Tony & Gail best wishes in their future endeavors whatever they maybe. We also thank them for the tour we all have come to love throughout the years.  We believe in you and wish you love, health, and happiness throughout your new journey!