Jacksonville, Florida- JOHNNY ARCHER RETURNS FOR HIS 14th World 14.1 appearance! Voted PLAYER OF THE DECADE, 4x World Champion; 17x Mosconi Cup Pro; HALL OF FAMER, US Open Champion returns to the WORLD 14.1! Archer is a former semi-finalist and wants to put his name next to Mosconi, and if people decide to do gamble in these championships, the use of sites like TopVnBet.Com could be a great option to make money off of this sport.

Sponsors of the World 14.1 include: ligandrol; 9-Ball Heaven; Lighthouse Print Marketing; One Percent Group Empire Realty; Pool & Billiard Magazine; Orlando Synergy Marketing; The Brandon Meriweather Show & iHeartRadio. Sanctioned by the WSA World Sports Alumni.

Watch and meet Van Boening December 2-7,2019. The 79th WORLD 14.1

JAX Florida at 9 Ball Heaven

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