Inside The Game At Good Timez Billiards Huntsville Alabama

by: Tracy Lerma

Our Nation is under partial closings because of the latest pandemic to spread across the World, we watch many businesses struggle to stay afloat. This article is not about Covid, it is about a game, players, and the venues they love so much. This is not a famous tournament with all the top players competing to win thousands of dollars and a title. It is not in LA, Hollywood, NYC, London, Paris or even Tokyo. What is the difference between a local and national event? Is it the drive to attend or it making national news? Every event is local to the players in that area. Is it the money that brings the players to these events? Why is Inside Pool HQ in Eureka, CA interested in this event held on August 22, 2020? It is our mission to find events that few people have heard of and attempt to go inside for the story that our readers can relate to. Maybe put these places and their players on the itinerary map. One thing I have noticed is, if you blindfolded me and landed me in different pool room venues around the country, I really could not tell where I was. There are pool tables, cues, and a few players hitting balls in a familiar game competing for the thrill of victory.

Our local reporters cover their home areas looking for that great inside story. Maybe, we will not find that historical famous match, however, the players and the venue may appreciate our interest in their establishment and tell about the great stuff we find. Inside Pool is pool news, entertainment magazine, and TV Network that is featuring pool from a local perspective. “Inside the Game” takes you to Good Timez Billiards in Huntsville, AL for their Monthly 9 Ball Open Tournament. This local bar is located at 6241 University Drive and boasts a full bar and kitchen with all your bar favorites. I preferred the cheese sticks and an Apple Martini myself, but we are talking about pool here. The girls kept us well stocked with our favorite drinks so we would not miss a second of the action heating up between the players. With this room hosting 8 Diamond 7-foot tables, 2 Diamond 9-foot tables, an array of televisions for those sports fans, and arena seating to watch your favorite local player, no wonder the players come from all over.

Raed Shabib                  Photo by : Tracy Lerma

Tim Miller’s                 Photo by : Tracy Lerma

Kayse Sharpe kept this event flowing smoothly with no hassles while the players mapped out their strategies for the win. Raed Shabib walks in at the last minute to create a slight ruffle in some of these guys’ feathers. There was another player from Clarksville, TN that played remarkably like a Pro. Was he a pro? Tim Miller’s response to that question was, “Am I?” I guess I will never know for sure.  I talked to a few players about their matches, which most of them I had known for years. They had no clue I was working. Sporting my camera, I go in search of that perfect shot, many players scratching their heads wondering why is this crazy blonde taking MY picture? I am sure they were asking themselves; Do I want to be famous or am I just wanted? Once I started taking the pictures as the matches began scribbling down names and notes, the atmosphere took on a whole new mood!

This tournament filled quickly to a field of 32. Most of these venues have a capacity mark of the half, because of the restrictions on them. It did not disappoint when it came down to the finals. Raed Shabib was knocked into 4th place by The Moulton Monster, Steven Dockery, in which he took 3rd place. It was getting late, and with the curfew set in place under the Governor’s order, the last two players split their winnings. Matt Broome from TN and my dear friend Eric Wharton from Harvest Alabama took home some hard-earned cash. This monthly tournament is one of Huntsville’s best run in the area. Check it out if you are searching for a magnificent spot with talented people to compete against. Do not let the southern charm fool you, we pocket just like the rest of you! As I leave this event, the question remains, who will take home the bragging rights next month? I’m up for a tournament and maybe the players and venue would like to read this on or see it on TBC The Billiard Channel.

Eric Wharton               Photo by : Tracy Lerma