We are now introducing the Inside Pool Juniors National Tour.

This tour will include

  • Points for rankings and prizes.
  • Entry into larger events.
  • Cash prizes.
  • Qualifiers for Junior Nationals.
  • Events hosted all over the country.

All hosted events will be in these formats. The format will be listed in the calendar information when they are posted

  • 8-ball
  • 9-ball
  • 10-ball
  • Bank shot
  • One pocket

Juniors National Tour Card for year 2020

Sign up below for your Juniors National Tour Card.

For an annual fee of $45.00 your Membership Card will give you access to all Junior events as well as entry into the Finale. You will also receive a year of inside pool magazine as well as special promotions just for Junior Members. more to be included as this tour grows.


Our event list will be updated every time a new event is created. Click on any event to register.


Supporting this tour and becoming a part of something greater in the industry will bring our sport to new levels. Each event will be different and depending on the Room can be custom made for fargo level, age and game. WPA rules are used as well as BCA.