Hayleigh Marion: The Game Face Of A Champion

By Janet Atwell

Hayleigh Marion Is more than a student of the game. She is like my daughter. Her very first trip to Borderline Billiards was with her dad and his friend. They did not want her to play because she was so young. I saw her crying because she could not play. So, I came from behind the bar, approached, and asked if she would be my partner. We teamed up and played a couple of guys on the next table. I sat her up on the 8 ball, she made the winning shot her first time ever playing the game. From there, she was hooked. She has gone from a very shy little girl to a very mature young lady. She is dedicated to the game in every way. She has a routine practice regimen that she does every week. When we have extra time and especially before an event, we practice and play a lot more. She started playing when she was 8 years old. Shortly thereafter, I had her playing TAP league. She has since played in several of the junior events and is active in the JIC tour that RaHanna directs. Hayleigh is a continually active part of Borderline Billiards. I call her my little kitchen manager and tournament director. She helps in the kitchen and directs my weekly tournaments here at Borderline Billiards. I am Incredibly proud of Hayleigh, on and off the table. She strives to be the best that she can be, at everything she does. She works hard in school and is an honor student. We work hard on fundamentals and I feel her stroke and pre-shot routine is very solid, if not one of the best that I have seen in her division. I think her fundamentals will accelerate her growth as a player. She is great a shot maker, especially good at making shots when doing drills. She is just now piecing together the art of position. We are currently working on cue ball control and position play. Once she understands this a little better, I feel her game will skyrocket. Hayleigh has the game face of a champion. You never know if she has just made the winning 9 ball or if she missed the easiest shot on the table. Her demeanor at the table stays the same. I have always enforced that there is more to winning. I have always told her that it takes a great player to be a good loser before a good winner. She is very courteous and respectful of others and takes pride in being a leader. I introduced her to Pechauer at the Super Billiards Expo in 2018. They began sponsoring her then, and she has since picked up the following sponsors: Brutal Game Gear, Outsville Racks, ICUE, and of course Borderline Billiards.

Hayleigh Elizabeth Marion
Age: 14
School Grade: 8th grade, VA Middle School
Favorite Subject in School: Math
Favorite Food: Fettucine Alfredo
What does Hayleigh want to be when she grows up?
Hayleigh’s plan is to attend college to obtain a degree in business. Hayleigh would like to be a business owner of a pool hall. In hopes to give her the ability to encourage junior players. She would also like to play along side Janet Atwell as a Touring Professional; to continue to follow her passion with pool.
Hayleigh’s Favorite thing to do when she is not playing pool?
She is learning to skateboard with her uncle. She enjoys hanging out with Janet (Hayleigh said her Mom). Working out at the gym with Annette. Playing with her dog “Bama”.
What event would she most like to play in?
USA Worlds short-term goal/ WPBA event’s long-term goal. Hayleigh’s ultimate goal would be to represent the USA in the Olympics.

The article and photos were provided to us by  Janet Atwell.