Grover’s Billiards

West Palm Beach Florida

By: Tracy Lerma

Waking up to the most amazing view on an early Saturday morning in West Palm Beach Florida, this columnist is about to embark on some of South Florida’s most determined Women’s Event fit for Queens!

Proprietor Robert Darling gives us a tour of his amazing venue. Grover’s is at 122 Military Trail #C, with plenty of parking in the plaza for Saturday’s Ladies 9-Ball Tournament. Darling gives a bit of history to the place. “This room has been here for many years prior to my taking it over. The walls were green, if you can imagine?” he laughs. Grover’s has a storefront feel, with twelve bar tables and five regulation tables to keep any avid enthusiast occupied for many hours of game time. The bar is situated to the left, isolated from the tables to give more room for players without the traffic holding up play. Smart move for any venue. All bar box tables are in

Photo of Malinda Vasquez provided by Ryan Acosta 1801 Photography

Jan Sesh

one area of the venue, in an arena-type stage, with the regulation tables in a separate room to the right of the bar. A smiling bartender to greet the guests providing a limited bar menu with sodas, beer products, and prepackaged snacks. Darling lets it slip that he has plans for expansion by adding a kitchen to the venue, which will bring in many more patrons and give his leagues options.  Mr. Darling is ex-military and an avid lover of the game. His purchase was to ensure the community with a safe place for everyone to enjoy a sport he himself cherishes.

Its opening day of the Tournament, this columnist meets two amazing ladies. First up, Malinda Vasquez. Vasquez runs many tournaments throughout the South Florida area. She is also a dedicated billiard player as well. Her talents are endless here in South Florida. As we sat down for our video interview, I provided the link below. She spoke about her efforts to keep the sport alive. Humble, honest, and to the point, she runs a clean bracket with a streaming team from TBC. It was an honor to be at her event. If you are in the South Florida area, contact Malinda on Facebook at Pool Nerds Unite, for information on tournament dates. Grover’s Billiards offers weekly and monthly tournaments for its locals and visitors. Florida Coastal Ladies’ Tour- Jan Sesh joins us on our

podcast as well. Sesh does a lot for the Ladies of South Florida by providing an organization to give the women of this area as many events as possible. Not only does this amazing woman provide a tour, but she is also an avid player. Watching Jan chalk up was a pleasure. She is also a writer like me. Ms. Sesh pictured below in pink and black. Her passion for the sport is inspiring. Both women along with Robert Darling are ambassadors for our sport for not only the Ladies and Gentlemen of South Florida but the community. By giving time, funding, and energy to the area. Pushing to improve how the area sees the sport. They are also a major supporter of my Junior’s Movement. It’s no surprise that my circle is growing. It takes people like these to take us to the next level! Ending my time here in the City of West Palm Beach, the memories will be engrained in my mind forever. One man with a love for pool, the many people supporting his vision as he supports them with a common goal-Bringing people together to make memories in Billiards.

To watch the interview with Malinda and Jan follow us on our YouTube Channel: Inside Pool Magazine or click the link below to watch: (385) Inside Pool Magazine’s: Billiard Talk with The Diva and NikonKid – YouTube