Covid-19 Pool Player Blues

Friday, July 3rd, 2020 — Covid-19, the Coronavirus, had swept the land, all the people worldwide affected — and humanity was forever altered, the tapestry of life so many thought was already mapped out in stone took a dirt road down Insanity Street.

I’ve still had pool on my mind meanwhile, and well, life continues despite the possibility of economic collapse, uncertainty, speculation, hearsay, made-up-shit, drivel on TV “news media,” race wars, protests, black vs white vs yellow, red, green! Perhaps space aliens can come down and show prejudice to us all — really look down on the dumb ancestors of the chimpanzee.

Is it all real? Are we all going to die, and follow the dinosaur? Did the dinosaur actually go extinct? We have alligators.

Hadn’t played pool in months, written about pool since the pandemic took the writer right out of me…entropy.

But I was thinking…

What about What about how we can’t just give up when times get tough? That’s what “grinding” means in pool — toughing it out, weathering the storm, taking the hill, reaching the apex, etcetera; always grind.

We grind through these tough times together, but pool is still there, recreation still a vital aspect of our lives. “ALL WORK AND NO PLAY MAKES JACK A DULL BOY…”

We need to release the stress of life with pool, reading, writing, arithmetic, whatever floats your boat.

Me personally? I relax to a good game of pool. Play on players. Keep on hitting them balls.